13 episodes of 26 minutes, Drama serial - Teen / Adult

The 4th Planet: Ticket to Mars is a science-fiction series project. It’s a serial targeting a teen / adult audience.

A man, Arnold, haunted by the distance separating him from his wife and daughter who have gone to Mars, decides to travels through space to join them. But getting to the solar system’s 4th planet is not so straightforward.

Chawla waiting at the Cosmoport's bar – Concept art/Cosmoport Chronicles

To live this great space odyssey, he will first have to leave Earth: Arnold finds him stucked, as millions of climate refugees, in the famous Cosmoport, unique gateway to Mars. He will have to evolve in this hostile environment where the company in charge of the shuttles between the two planets organizes a strong border control.

In this retro-futuristic universe, the Cosmoport, tentacular infrastructure, seems to be the place of all meetings. It’s an area where transits an international crowd and where many issues are crystallized. It’s a pool of information about the world, potential meetings and possible conflicts.